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Ehi Obinyan

An energetic and free spirited artist, Ehi Obinyan has developed mastery for the combined use of watercolour and gouache. Ehi is a product of the famous Auchi Polytechnic where he graduated with distinctions. He is eclectic in his style and distinct in his chosen theme. Passion and zeal rule his brushes as he creates unforgettable works of art. Ehi recently moved to San Francisco from Nigeria and remains one of the rising stars on the art scene.



Ehi Obinyan who is part Nigerian, Ghanaian and Liberian was born in 1964 in Monrovia, Liberia. He attended the famous Federal Polytechnic in Auchi, Edo State where he graduated in 1992 with Distinctions in General Art and Painting. After graduation, he worked as an illustrator/visualiser at one of the top advertising agencies in Lagos before going into full time studio practice in 1995.

Ehi is an energetic free spirit with an infectious enthusiasm for life. He is eclectic in his chosen theme and distinct in style. Passion and zeal rule his brushes as he works with gouache, acrylic and oil media. Many of his works draw their inspiration from a reservoir of deep spiritual influences that stretch from the ancient Kingdom of Benin through to the killing fields of Liberia.

Ehi’s current exploits are symbols, portraits and mask paintings, attires, aquatic surroundings and figures of all tribes and cultures of Africa. In particular, his experimentation with the human faces has given birth to a series of works in which he underscores the diversity of facial expressions, including their hidden meanings.

With several exhibitions to his credit including the Garage Gallery, San Francisco, Ehi Obinyan is one of the most talented and eclectic artists on the Nigerian scene. He recently moved to San Francisco where he lives and works. He lives with his wife Grace and children in the Bay area.



Date of Birth: 1st May, 1964
Place of birth: Monrovia, Liberia
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Married to Grace with children



1987 – 1992 Federal Polytechnic, Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria,

1987 – 1989 Ordinary National Diploma (General Art) Distinction

1990 – 1992 Higher National Diploma (Painting) Distinction



  • Creative assistant, SAAL Advertising, Lagos, Nigeria, 1990 – 1991
  • Head of Creative Dept., City Gate Advertising, Lagos, Nigeria, 1993 – 1994
  • Founding partner: Curio Studio for Traditional & Digital art, 1995 –
  • Founder & Owner: Ehianeta Obinyan Gallery Ltd, 2004 –



Society of Nigerian Artist (S.N.A) Lagos State Chapter



  • Ehianeta Obinyan Gallery Ltd, Lagos Nigeria
  • Quintessense Gallery Ltd. Lagos Nigeria



  • Creative consultant, Aquila Capital Management Ltd, Lagos, Nigeria, 2005
  • Creative consultant, Chapel Hill Capital Management Ltd, Lagos, Nigeria, 2005
  • Creative consultant, KPrints Capital Management Ltd, Lagos, Nigeria, 2005
  • Creative consultant, Vetiva Capital Management Ltd, Lagos, Nigeria, 2004
  • SNA Art Café, Lagos , 2003
  • Coordinator: Save Steve Kadiri Exhibition, 1996
  • Curio Studio for professional artists, 1996
  • Muritala Muhammed International Airport (Renovation),  2000
  • Exhibition for GREAT BENIN CENTENARY commemorating Capt. Phillip led British invasion of Great Benin, 1987-1997



2007 solo exhibition, Garage Gallery, San Francisco, USA

2006 modernafricanart exhibition at BTJ, Lund, Sweden
2006 modernafricanart exhibition at Mäklarhuset Hellborg & Partners, Lund, Sweden, 2006

2005 “Rejuvenation” (SNA) Mydrim Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria

2005 “Colourmasters” National Museum, Lagos, Nigeria

2002 “Ten years after” (Solo Exhibition), Quintessence Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria

2000 “Colour handwriting” (Group Salon), Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria
2000 “Soul of our Heritage” Quintessence Gallery,Lagos, Nigeria

1998 “United Bank for Africa Money gram Culture Carnival” Benin City, Nigeria

1997 “Colour of Festivities” Goethe Institute, Lagos, Nigeria,

1996 “Great Benin Centenary” Exhibition (The first Hundred years) Benin City, Nigeria
1996 “Texaco Overseas” Exhibition for Nigerian Artists, Lagos Nigeria

1995 “Master pieces” An exhibition of paintings and sculptures Equity Trust Bank, Lagos, Nigeria



Symbols, portraits, attires and figures of all tribes and cultures of AFRICA. The artist will also like to share his creative experiences with artists from other parts of the globe.